Individual - Coaching for a business owner


This individual owned a factory and was not happy with the way factory was operating. He felt it was not successful and had decided to sell it off, If not the property at least the machinery. He had recently married a girl of his choice and had some conflicts with his parents regarding the same. When he was referred to me for coaching he was in a state of disappointment and wanted a shoulder to cry on. We started off a 12 session coaching program from March 2019 to help him with his career and financial goals.

Action Taken

Initially, I had referred him to a counsellor. Although I do counselling, I felt it is not right to do both counselling and coaching at the same time. I may not be able to do justice to my roles. I asked him if he would prefer me to be his coach or counsellor. He was ok for me to be his coach and hence referred to a counsellor. After one session he felt a bit relieved and was ready for coaching. We started off the program.
At first I had asked him to list the areas of life he wanted to focus. Then all the things within those areas that he would like to achieve. From there I helped him identify the top 3 priority areas. Once he identified the areas, I enabled him to set SMART goals in each of these areas and a tag line that inspires him to remember his goals. We then started off the coaching sessions where in each session we discussed the actions that he will take to move towards his goals. Every week we met for an hour and will go through the goals. My job was to be his sounding board and ask questions to help create awareness for him about himself and his situation. After about 5 to 6 sessions he expressed how he has grown in confidence because of these sessions and the initial issues that he faced were no longer looked like issues. He understood more about himself as an action oriented person and how he needs to flex his style to cater to others that he is interacting. For a person who was initially a bit sceptical on how it was going to work to say he has grown in confidence and understood himself better is a testimonial of the process.
Through the course of these sessions, he was able to put the factory issue back and focus on his strengths. He listed the other areas he can work on. For each area we identified actions which he used to take every week and come back. We then eliminated few options that may not suit his personality. In each session I also helped him get insight about himself.


At the end of these sessions, the business owner has grown in confidence, understood well, started off another business where he was able to apply the learnings from the past experiences.