Team – Goal Alignment for a Manufacturing setup


This client organization is a large manufacturer and has factories across India. Each unit had its own head followed by plant heads and other senior leadership team members. The teams were working on their Key Result Areas (KRA) and goals. What was required was to see if there was an alignment of goals across the hierarchy and whether the goals are in line with the levels or roles that people were playing. They had engaged the consultants in May 2019 to help them review the goals and bring about alignment

Action Taken

An initial dip stick survey was done to understand the goals and the gaps that exist in their Performance Management with respect to key areas and SMART goals. What we found was that activities were marked as goals and some of the goals which could have been delegated where taken up at a higher level.
We then floated a template to follow, something similar to the OKR model and asked the unit heads to fill their goals. We helped through this process to set proper goals and move the activities to the contribution section. Once this was done we sat with their next in lines and went over their goals one by one. We did a similar exercise with each and every goal sheet until we have gone through all their sheets. Where we had to stretch them we asked questions to see if they can take stretch targets and where they need to delegate we encouraged them to delegate. The intent was to look at how the goals for the junior levels aligned with the senior levels and hence towards the organizational goals.


The goals across the hierarchy were reviewed to bring alignment and the goals that need to be delegated were delegated. It also helped the organization to understand the competency levels across hierarchies and plan the required interventions.